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John P. Morrissette

Founder & CEO

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MORRISSETTE PROTECTIVE SERVICES is a U.S. Marine Veteran owned and operated Contracting, Consulting and Training company. We specialize in PROTECTING and TRANSPORTING C-SUITE EXECUTIVES, PRIVATE FAMILES and their FAMILIES, as well as UHNW and AT-RISK INDIVIDUALS.

We also contract a full spectrum of security services in HIGH or LOW THREAT ENVIROMENTS; ARMED/UNARMED EXECUTIVE & CLOSE PROTECTION, ESTATE SECURITY, SECURE TRANSPORTATION, (business dinners and social events, children to school and activities, running errands, elderly and disabled, accompany for business or leisure travel).

All Agents assigned to support our clients are Military Veterans, former Federal, State & Local Law Enforcement Officers, Executive Protection Agents and Highly Experienced Security Drivers.

John spent the last 20 years in Military Police & Corrections, Independent Contracting and Professional Driving. He is a United States Marine Corps and National Guard Combat Veteran; has multiple combat tours in the Middle East. His PSD Team conducted over 350 Protection and Support missions for IRAQI PARLIMENT MEMBERS, FAMILIES AND OTHER GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS in Baghdad, Iraq; also held Tactical Operations, Administrative roles in Taji, Iraq and Physical Security positions in Qatar.  John was assigned to FIRST ARMY (Readiness and Training Command) where he was part of multiple training teams. From 2010-2012, they were responsible for training over 10,000 service members from all branches including civilian contractors in COUNTER IED, LAND NAVIGATION AND ENTRY CONTROL POINTS. 

Since 2008, John has contracted EXECUTIVE PROTECTION, GUARD SERVICES AND PROFESSIONAL DRIVING. He safe guarded Pre-K students in Boston, MA at a prominent Religious School. John was also assigned to support Secret Service Agents protecting Foreign Ambassadors/Diplomats and State & Local government officials. He securely transported corporate executives, private families, children, seniors and sensitive freight in 46 states (550,000mi). John continues to protect and assist clients DOMESTICALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY.

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