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John P. Morrissette

Founder & CEO

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MORRISSETTE PROTECTIVE SERVICES is a Veteran owned and operated Contracting, Consulting and Training company. We specialize in the protection and transport of C-Suite executives and their family members, AT-RISK and HNW individuals, as well as mitigation of hostile terminations and work place violence.

We also contract a full spectrum of security services whether in HIGH or LOW threat environments. These services include: Armed Close Protection, static/mobile security for estates/businesses, armed secured daily transport, transporting children to school, running errands, transporting the elderly and disabled, commercial transport, industrial site security, being accompanied during business or leisure travel.

All Agents assigned to provide services for our clients are the best from many Military Special Operations communities, other Combat Veterans, Federal, State & Local Law Enforcement Officers and Highly Experienced Executive Protection Agents.

John P. Morrissette is a Dignitary Protection Specialist with extensive training and experience within; Dignitary and Executive Protection, Professional Driving, Secured Transportation, Defensive & Evasive Driving, Protective Medical Care & Residential/Estate Security. John served in the United States Marine Corps and is a Combat Veteran with multiple tours in the Middle East which include hundreds of High Threat PSD missions, Tactical Operations, Administrative and Physical Security roles. He has 20 years of experience in Military Law Enforcement & Corrections, Independent Contracting, Executive Protection, Professional Driving, Oil & Gas Safety Management & Plant Operations. 


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